November 2, 2022

10:00 AM

Doors Open & Breakfast

Morning Wellness

Gentle movement and meditation to get you focused and ready for the day (Adriana Cerundolo, Bloomtree Wellness)

fireside chat

Why Celo Matters

A conversation with Avichal Garg, Managing Partner at Electric Capital and Marek Olszewski, President of Valora

fireside chat

What is ReFi and Where is It Going?

A conversation with Helena Merk, Co-Founder and CEO of Spirals and Irem Ozturan of Kolektivo moderated by Xochitl Cazador of Celo Foundation.

Lunch @ Learn Sessions

The Role of Wallets in ReFi: A Conversation Two main retail use cases arise in ReFi, Climate funding and UBI, with very different target user profiles. How do wallets build for multiple ReFi user types? What role does education play in driving ReFi adoption? Join the Valora team for a lunchtime conversation with Cryptohunt. (Denisse Halm, Valora; Christian Byza, Cryptohunt)

Getting started with Celo Composer: Celo Composer allows you to quickly build, deploy, and iterate on decentralized applications using Celo. Learn how to get started in this workshop. (Nestor Bonilla, Celo Foundation)

Green Liquid Staking: Learn about the relationship between blockchain and climate, the history of liquid staking and how it achieves higher capital efficiency in crypto, and how green liquid staking can help the planet. (Doug Qian, Spirals)

Midday Wellness

Gentle movement to reset and energize your afternoon (Julian Sproul, Bloomtree Wellness)

Developer Office Hours
Meet with the Celo DevRel team

panel discussion

Where’s Web3 Going? An Investor's Perspective

A conversation with Vanessa Grellet, Managing Partner at Aglaé Ventures; Haseeb Qureshi, Managing Partner at Dragonfly Capital, Avichal Garg, Electric Capital; Moderated by Amit Chu (Investments at the Celo Foundation) 

panel discussion

Celo 2.0

A panel conversation with Tim Moreton, CEO of cLabs; Marek Olszewski, Co-founder of Celo; and Monica Garde, cLabs


Connect the World with Fiat Connect

Charlie Andrews of Valora shares a universal API specification for cash in / cash out

panel discussion

Bridging Towards a Multichain Future

A conversation with Nam Chu Hoai, Co-Founder of Hyperlane, and Jeff Kuan, BD at Axelar. Moderated by Tim Moreton, CEO of cLabs. 

panel discussion

Building Usable Mobile Wallets

A conversation with Tricia Wang of the Crypto Research and Design Lab (CRADL),  Boaz Avital (Anchorage) and Eric Cuellar (Node Finance). Moderated by Katherine Paseman of CRADL 

fireside chat

Decentralizing Kickstarter

A conversation with Sean Leow, COO of Kickstarter and Simar Mangat, Founding Partner at Magic Ventures. 

fireside chat

Developer Infrastructure

A conversion with Sharon Byrn-Cotter of Consensys, Eric Nakagawa of Celo Foundation, and James Parillo of Figment Capital. 

panel discussion

The Future of Currency

David Casey Co-Founder of ReSource and Brynly Llyr, Head of Blockchain and Digital Assets at WEF. Moderated by Nikhil Raghuveera, Celo Foundation. 

5:30 – 7:00 PM

Happy Hour