Celo Connect Salon Is a Carbon-Neutral Event

See the long list of sustainability efforts Celo is making for the conference.

Lanyards and Swag

  • Lanyards and badges are recyclable and made from recycled material.¬†
  • Wristbands are made from recycled material and can be recycled
  • Celo tote bags, t-shirts, and socks are made from recycled material
  • Sponsors are required to only provide swag that is sustainable

Communication, Marketing, Logistics and Support

  • Paper-free registration, Falcon board and conVerd board (both recyclable material) signage, and digital session wayfinding
  • Sponsors required to utilize Falcon and conVerd board signage
  • Local logistics company and staff hired to support the event


  • Drinks in self serve containers
  • Biodegradable cups, plates, and utensils
  • Metal refillable water bottles¬†
  • Compost and recycle bins
  • Leftover food will be donated